The following policies are accepted by our entity in compliance with different laws that govern us, in terms of security and service.
According to the regulations in force for the operation of parks (Law 1225 of 2008 and resolutions 0958 of 2010, 543 of 2017 and 880 of 2017 of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism) and with the security policies of the Coffee Park, will constitute a duty of visitors abide by the following rules:
  •   Admission is not allowed, nor the consumption of alcoholic beverages, nor psychotropic substances. Neither the entry to people in a state of intoxication or under the effect of such substances.
  •   Refrain from entering the park with food, drinks and pets.
  •  Entry into restricted areas such as operating areas, machine rooms, maintenance areas and other areas marked as such is not allowed.
  1.  It is not allowed the entry and use of drones on the facilities of the Park without prior authorization.
  2.  No offensive or damaging conduct is allowed against any person or the facilities of the Park.
  3.   It is not allowed to store, skip the rows, or skip the security enclosures.
  4.   The entry, use or possession of weapons is prohibited.
  1.   Parents or guardians are responsible for the care and attention at all times of children under 14 years of age.
  2.   Comply with safety restrictions and instructions for the safe use of each attraction and properly use the safety equipment.
  3.   At all times in the Park facilities visitors must be fully dressed. This includes wearing a shirt and shoes.

People with special health conditions, women in pregnancy, physical, cognitive and sensory conditions: 

  1.   They should receive advice from first aid personnel for the safe use of attractions.
  2.   They must refrain from using attractions that represent a risk to their personal integrity or that of their dependents.

Visitors who breach the above duties and responsibilities or put at risk the safety of the operation, may be removed from the attraction or the Park and depending on the seriousness of the event will be made available to the competent authority. Likewise, they will be responsible for the damages caused.