The Coffee Park located in the central area of ​​Colombia, 20 minutes from the city of Armenia capital of the department of Quindío and 5 minutes from the municipality of Montenegro. It has an area of ​​96 hectares, 56 of them built in a perfect mix between traditional and modern, which are immersed among trees and plants; approximately 4000 species in a warm climate.
We recommend you to take into account the following tips so you can make the most of your visit to the Coffee Park "Fun with a Coffee Flavor".

1.  Take into account the opening hours of the park and try to arrive early to fully enjoy the attractions.

2.  The coffee park has various activities between mechanical and cultural attractions in a great fun route. It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

3.  Always have a map of the Park at hand, you can request it when you arrive at the registers.

4.  In the park you will find mechanical attractions that can wet it. It is ideal to have extra clothes so that it can be changed. Remember that in our stores you can find clothes and articles for the whole family.

5.  If you are traveling with very large luggage, we recommend you to use the suitcase guard located in the main entrance. Inside the park carry light luggage that allows easy storage in lockers located at different points, since the mechanical attractions are not allowed entry.

6.  Check the schedules of the Show's and attractions that close earlier. So you do not run out without enjoying.