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100 to 140 cms
55 km/h
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Yippe, is a roller coaster for the whole family that pays homage to the coffee culture, its 2 trains represent the iconic vehicle of our region .. vibrate with excitement and venture to visit coffee plantations with fun water effects!


The following capacities and / or skills required for the use of YIPEE have been identified:

Ability to embark and disembark the vehicle on its own.

Ability to hold tightly to the bars with at least one functional arm and lean on the floor with both legs functional.

Ability to maintain an upright position, keeping the back against the back, throughout the journey, supporting the lateral forces that are generated.

The following Physical Restrictions are defined for the use of this attraction:

Height (cm): minimum 100 cm or child between 100 cm and 140 cm must go in the same row with an adult.

It is necessary that it be properly secured by the security bar.

Person with total visual impairment, cognitive disability, or with absence of a functional arm must be accompanied in the same row with an adult who has physical and mental conditions to protect it.

Health restrictions:

En estado de Embarazo.

With heart problems, blood pressure or a pacemaker.

With neck, spine or bone problems. With recent surgeries, under medical care or another condition that could be aggravated by the use of attraction. That he had an eye surgery. They use plasters, splints or immobilizers. With mental disorders. (Diseases related to the central nervous system). That suffer from dizziness or vertigo or fear of heights. That sudden changes in direction, speed or acceleration could affect your health, especially elderly people. Temporary Restrictions: The use of complete clothing, including shirt and footwear is required. Any mobility device such as canes, crutches or other medical assistance device must be removed before boarding the vehicle. The use of loose clothing (scarves, scarves, sacks) is not allowed. Long, loose hair is not allowed. Long hair should be picked up with a rubber or kept inside the clothes. You must remove any item from the pockets or use on the body, which could cause injury (keys, pens, chains). Bulky or loose items, such as backpacks, bags, umbrellas, bottles, glasses, cameras, cell phones, tablets, selfie stick, caps and hats are not allowed.





Come with family and friends to the place where the fun tastes like coffee.